Just Keep Livin’

Before I was watching Dazed and Confused, you know, the 90’s Cult stoner film? If you know it then Alright alright alright. Onwards with the post. In the film there is a scene near the end that shows a group of friends in the middle of a football field. They are talking about their lives and what their futures entail. Within this scene is a few memorable quotes. One being this   Where I live is quite a deprived area. I am certainly not saying that I live a deprived life as that is not the case, in fact I believe it is quite the opposite. In a world full of pretentious biggots and me disliking the ideology behind being “wealthy” I would say I live a very fortunate life. Despise all this there always seems to be somthing missing. The urge to do somthing for me. I believe this is down to the concrete jungle on top of a great big hill that I live in. I do not feel like I belong here. I know various different people who have moved to many different places and are loving life. Whether they return back to their origins is another matter. I am talking about right now and the not so distant future. Back to the film. Do I want to be “stuck in this place” no. I certainly do not want to say “I did the best I could” because in this modern era the world is minuscule. Everywhere is accessible for everyone and I believe the “best I could” where I live is a mere  knife in the ocean.

I do not know where I want to go or where I will end up, all I know is that I will go where I feel I belong in life.
But for now, I will reiterate another quote from that scene. 

“You just gotta keep livin’ man. L-i-v-i-n”

At what time does one no longer become reliant?

When will the younger ones of the family become more self sustained and no longer as reliant on loved ones? We all try but,  I believe never. Appreciate what you have. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Dr Martens appreciation 

Today was the delivery of my Dr Martens 1461’s. As someone who bought a new pair and went through the process of breaking them in… Actually lets reword that. As someone who bought a new pair and is still going through the process of breaking them in. I decided, smartly, to buy a pair of used ones. The best decision ever! Let some other person go through that initial pain for you (insert evil villain laugh here). Anyways I love them! Another pair to the on growing collection.