Marseille Tourism May 2015

I very recently went on a road trip in the south of France, Marseille to Nice. We hired a perfect little Peugeot and set off from the airport to Marseille. IMG_2357 Upon arrival in Marseille we firstly took a drive through the city just to get a feel for the place and to also see where the harbour was, as this is the easiest and most likely place to find food and drink at 10pm! We parked our car in a colossal underground car park which seemed to run throughout the whole underneath or Marseille, It seemed very safe and was also very  expensive! We checked into our ibis hotel which was very close to the harbour (I believe the harbour is classed as the centre when searching for hotels online). Without unpacking our bags due to sheer hunger we set off down to the harbour for some late night dinner. The harbour is buzzing! Full of people even at that time on a Sunday night. We found a lovely little restraunt of French cuisine directly on the front where I had a bowl of mussels and chips typically French and fantastic to say the least. My brother had seafood spaghetti which was also fantastic.  After that we had a beer and went straight back to the room and got a good nights sleep. IMG_5219 IMG_5217 We woke up in the morning to a beautiful blue sky through our bedroom window. IMG_2366 Blue sky normally means a great day of sight-seeing. With our busy road trip schedule we set off out for breakfast. Instantly Marseille looked much more beautiful in day light than it did in the dark and I took a liking to French architecture. IMG_2367 IMG_2377 I found it fantastic and I could not stop releasing the shutter every time I saw a building I liked. One thing you will find when visiting Marseille, in fact anywhere in France is the amount of bakery’s and patisseries there are. This really isn’t a bad thing! Freshly baked croissants and pan au chocolats on every street. We loved this and it in fact became a road trip tradition to have pan au chocolats and croissants every single morning! IMG_2371 With only a few hours left scheduled in Marseille we were busy and clocked up many kilometers. We didn’t have time for the major attractions due to how far away they were so we just explored the city. We visited this lovely cathedral which resembled notre dame (you see a few like this in the French riviera). IMG_2382 It would be hard to walk past this building and not stop to admire it. We then went to visit Porte d’Aix. Porte d’Aix is a triumphal arch, designed by Michel-Robert Penchaud, marking victories in the Napoleonic Wars. This again was beautiful but, was visually polluted by road works from some angles, but we can’t do anything about that! IMG_2388 We then went back to the harbour just to look around, there is some sort of strange mirrored roof on the harbour front which i cannot describe so here’s a photo! IMG_2399 There was a fresh fish market there which was brilliant! It was basically the local fishermen selling what they had caught that day, I mean look at the size of this!! IMG_2400 There are hundreds of boats in Marseille but not many yachts most of the boats are small working boats and recreational sailing boats, never the less it is still very nice. IMG_2406 IMG_2407 That was it for the Marseille part of our road trip, I will be blogging about all the other places we went to visit in the near future.


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