St Tropez Tourism May 2015

I very recently went on a road trip in the south of France, Marseille to Nice. This part of the road trip is from Marseille to St Tropez. Instead of taking the fastest route we told our satnav to take us the coastal route. This may have been longer but, the amount of fun we had in the little Peugeot was worth it and so was the scenery. IMG_2408 IMG_2409 We arrived in St Tropez and checked into our hotel. Our hotel was located on the road leading into St Tropez (opposite the petrol station if you’ve been before). The hotel was brilliant, apart from the shower. I don’t quite understand why the showers are not hanged up on the wall but hey ho.

The lovely garden in our hotel.
We then went for a walk around the town. I can safely say that this is one of my favourite places I have ever visited. Stunning. I just loved the feel of the place, the atmosphere and how wonderful the streets were. IMG_2419 IMG_2420 IMG_2423 Doesn’t it just look fantastic! After this we went shopping. I say “shopping” what I actually mean is window shopping. It is on a whole new level, all the clothes and fashion I love but, all the clothes and fashion that i can not afford. Never the less it was again like everything in St Tropez… brilliant.

The Dior mansion.

The Louis Vuitton garden.
The Louis Vuitton garden.

The Chanel mansion.
The Chanel mansion.
As you can see the wealth is another level, but do not think that the place is full of toffee nosed individuals because it’s not. It is a very nice area with friendly people. From my point of view it is also very safe, so suitable for those who go on holiday alone. Later that day we took the car and had a relaxing few hours on the famous pampelonne beach. Normally this beach would be full of models and famous people but, in my opinion it was freezing and it was also late! So whilst my brother went sunbathing I messed around with some low aperture shots without trying to get my feet wet in the icy water! IMG_2446 IMG_2448 After we had spent some time on the beach we went back to the centre of St Tropez on the hunt for some food. Although the restaurants on the front looked spectacular and had a lovely view, I really wasn’t ready to expose my wallet to them. So we wandered off in to the back streets. We eventually found a restaurant we wanted to eat in and in my opinion, you pay for the view in St Tropez. The food was excellent in this back street restaurant. IMG_5310 You cannot beat a French steak! After our wonderful meal and two pints later we then went to the front to have a couple more beers. And yes, we paid12 for a bottle of corona! You may think that is slightly ridiculous but we had two each and you will see why.

That’s why!
Whilst you sit in these bars on the front you just watch what is going on around you. We saw a group of young lads driving a Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo trying to be cool. Due to the area we were in a £100,000 car looks like nothing next to a £10,000,000+ yacht! I don’t think those lads quite understood why they were not getting any attention! Although one car we saw gained a huge amount of attention. This car defined the French Riviera. An original Citroen DS cabriolet. IMG_2449 After those beers we walked to the lighthouse which is located on the sea defence barrier. For the sake of my lacking knowledge in sea engineering I am just going to call this the pier. Correct me if you want! IMG_2456 This area provided my favourite view of St Tropez. It also seems to provide the best fly fishing location too! IMG_2459 IMG_2460 We relaxed here for a while untill I thought it was dark enough to execute some long exposures. I am a big lover of long exposure photography. So when it was dark enough I did some 30 second exposures. IMG_2464 IMG_2467 IMG_2461 They turned out pretty good. After this we called it a night and went back to our room. We woke up in the morning and went to our local patisserie and picked up some pan au chocolat’s and strawberry tarts. We ate these from a viewing point on the pier. IMG_2470 We are still impressed by French baking! Once we had finished our breakfast we started walking back to the centre. A small thing which fascinates me is that when we were walking back the local fishermen were docking. St Tropez is full of millionaires yet we forget that normal people still have to make a living. “Normal people” like that are most probably the reason why the millionaires and tourists eat such amazing fresh food. This is why I have huge respect for fishermen and anyone else in the food industry. This photography portrays what I mean.

Working foreground, yachts background.
We got back to our hotel for checkout and we had four hours to kill before we could check in at the next hotel. So me being the one who isn’t in control of the car, we ended up at the beach again. (Can you tell im not a fan of sunbathing yet?) So here are some more photographs I took. IMG_2477 IMG_2482 That was it for the St Tropez part of our road trip, I will be blogging about all the other places we went to visit in the near future. 


3 thoughts on “St Tropez Tourism May 2015

  1. Hi Zak
    Nice blog, so far, and pics. Look forward to seeing the next.
    Aunty Mel says, when do you start working for the `Hello`!
    All the best


  2. Great pics and great blog post My husband and I are planning a trip to the south of france next May, question: where did you stay in Saint Tropez? 2) what restaurant did you have dinner in? 3, and did you go to the area called Rayol Candael sur mer? it ‘s about an hour and a half south from Saint Tropez, and we are wondering if it is worth going to
    Robyn C


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