Cannes Tourism May 2015

I very recently went on a road trip in the south of France, Marseille to Nice. This part of the road trip is in Cannes. We got to Cannes from St Tropez via the greatest road I have ever been on! It was unbelievable, I really wish I knew what it was called. It was through the mountains with lush greenery from all angles. This was quite a long drive but, enjoyable to say the least.


Fantastic roads

We arrived in Cannes with a few hours remaining untill check in. Due to it being the film festival we were slightly out of town. We started walking towards Cannes not really knowing what to expect. We soon realised how this part of the road trip was going to be when we saw the sheer amount of wealth. As we tried to get our bearings we were smothered by designer shops, rich people, models, famous people, yachts and supercars. With our limited time we didn’t go to see anything in these few hours we just walked down the road to see where we would be going later on to see the film festival. Being a car guy I was in my element with this little walk.

Porsche 918
Porsche 918

Ferrari F12
Ferrari F12

Mclaren 650s
Mclaren 650s

Mclaren 650s
Mclaren 650s

Mclaren 650s

Laborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF

Ferrari 458
Ferrari 458

Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron

Mercedes SLS
Mercedes SLS

Mercedes SLS
Mercedes SLS
After we walked up the main road on the front of Cannes, we turned around as we figured out where we had to be later on. We then began to head back to the room to check in. Witnessing those first few hours in Cannes we realised how much money and wealth the film festival brough into this City. Even though the city is famous for its luxury hotels, shops and restaurants. This time of year brings a whole new level of that description.

We got to our apartment and checked in (we shall not talk about this apartment if we can avoid it). We threw our bags down and went out to find some food. Now it was later there was not as many cars around but, the restaurants were so busy! So we went to a restaurant on the front which was super expensive. I don’t believe the food was the best we had eaten, but it was nice.

IMG_5398 IMG_5400

After we ate our food we went for a walk before the film festival started. Trying to soak in the local culture. This was extremely hard due to the film festival being on.



Parts of Cannes were still civilised and normal, I tried to capture this with the photos. Even though these photos look like Cannes on a normal day, turn around and it just isn’t. The film festival completely changes the city. We decided to get off the front and explore some back streets.

Cannes has some stunning architecture.




On a regular occurence in Cannes this time of year, architecture gets set aside for the roar of a glorious V12.

IMG_2542 IMG_2545

We were not complaining in any way! Once we tried to experience Cannes we went to the red carpet in plenty of time. If you ever go, the front will be blocked off by photographers therefore, the best and only view is from the side. People line the fences eagerly anticipating the film starts coming in and out. When you’re stood there, you will see a huge fenced off segment in front of you. We asked if we could go in. They said yes but only if you do not use your camera! Not many people knew about this so there were not many of us this close (people must have though we were special) . Never the less we got right to the front!

We were in!!!! Well… our feet.
If you haven’t been to a red carpet before you really have to experience it. When the celebrities come out the sheer amount of flashes which go off is blinding. Yet the celebrities keep focused on the job of looking good not phased in any way shape or form. As if they were phased then many photographers would get a bad image of them, and a bad image of them at an event such as the Cannes film festival would not be good. Where we were stood was brilliant for spectating, but no so brilliant for taking photographs, but I still got some good ones (yes I used my camera).

IMG_2558 IMG_2559 IMG_2557 IMG_2555 IMG_2554IMG_2553

As you can see we saw Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Deltoro that night. It was a great thing to see I really enjoyed it.

Sign above the other entrance

Brilliant Cannes Film Festival statue
After this we looked around the harbour at all the yachts. These were the biggest yachts I have ever seen in my life. Really fantastic.



How amazing is this!

After a long night we decided we have had enough. So we ate a pizza, drank a few beers and decided it was time to go back to the apartment. Before the pizza I decided to set my camera up for a long exposure of the boats.


This turned out amazing.

We got some sleep as we had a long drive in the morning. Before we left we had one last walk into the centre and had a little chill on the beach. Outside the film festival are people asking for invites! There are so many people who do this.


It really does show how desirable the film festival is.

After this we went to the beach for an hour just before we hit the road to our next destination. As per usual with me and beaches I got bored and messed around for a while.


That was it for the Cannes part of our road trip, I will be blogging about all the other places we went to visit in the near future.


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