Nice Tourism May 2015

I very recently went on a road trip in the south of France, Marseille to Nice. This part of the road trip is in Nice, This may seem like the end of the road trip, but you would be assuming if you thought that. We went for a day trip which I will be blogging about separately.

Nice was the place where we would be saying goodbye to our rental car, this made us sad. Therefore to go out with a bang we whizzed around the whole of Nice to sort of do a reconnaissance mission. We drove past all the places we wanted to see and needed to be. Luckily for us our hotel was perfectly situated within walking distance of all these places, we were quietly excited and smug about that. So we checked into our hotel and then dropped off the car at Nice train station. Whilst at the train station we booked tickets for our day trip out I told you about earlier.

Walking back to the hotel actually took us past a few points of interests we wanted to see which was a bonus.


We saw yet another lovely notre dame building. If anyone can tell me what these are about I would be grateful.

Another thing we thought we might have needed is the tram, tram systems are flawless and reliable in france but in the end we did not need to use them as our hotel was located so well.


As we got closer to our hotel we walked through the main square in Nice which is quite impressive, I loved the checked floor.

Explination of these men later in the blog.
We then went for a walk up the prom as supposedly that was a good thing to do! The beach was full of people. One thing I love about france is that people are in to really cool things which no one would be at home, for example… roller skating! I saw more roller skaters in one week than I ever have back at home.


After this we headed off to the old town, the old town was very close to our hotel which was perfect as we ended up spending lots of time here.

Grass on the tram line?!!
The old town was so pretty and the architecture was just brilliant, yet again.

IMG_2709  IMG_2697 IMG_2698 IMG_2702 IMG_2705 IMG_2707


Heres an unflattering photo of me next to a HUGE door.


We then found a lovely backstreet French restaurant, my favorite thing to do is go hunting for a lovely traditional restaurant!!! And we found one.

Lamb and cognac (Me being a lightweight and this being very strong it nearly blew my head off)

Rabbit and fettuccine
Later that night we went to the Hagen Dazs shop which is close to the main square and we had these two amazing desserts. We then waddled back to the room as we had an early night.


Here is where we went on our day trip which I will blog about another time…

Right back to Nice.

We got back to Nice from our day trip and we scoped out a little French Thai restaurant in the old town (This may sound strange but it was incredible).

We indulged ourself in this amazing food.

Rabbit and gnoki
Rabbit and gnocchi

Beef Thai curry
Beef Thai curry
After this we had a few beers and went back to the hotel to go to sleep.

We had a little lie in due to the busy day we have had the day before. We woke up and decided to go and see the flower market since this was on the “to do” list. Personally I had high hopes of this as I love colour. I was not solely a flower market as it had other stalls but, it didn’t disappoint. Although it was only small it was really pretty and full of character.

















We had a brilliant time at the markets and actually ended up trying a selection of fruit and yes, it was amazing.

Photo 25-05-2015 05 40 57 pm

After this we decided we were going to go out for lunch so we strolled down the front heading towards the harbour area to scope out a restaurant. As I always found when exploring Nice is that there is always something mesmerizing to look at because it is so beautiful.

IMG_3042 IMG_3043 IMG_3044

monument aux morts
monument aux morts
We found a restaurant near the harbour. We both had mussels. I did not take a photo, but im sure you all know what a bowl of mussels looks like! They were very nice as per usual.

After our meal we walked around the harbour and explored this part of the area.




After this we had another thing to visit on our “to do list” so we headed off to go and see the russian cathedral, this was on the other side of Nice so we saw some landmarks and great photo opportunities on the way.





I do not quite know why there is a statue of the Greek god Apollo in the main square in Nice, but never the less it is amazing.



I bet you’re wondering what these men are? I thought the same untill I came home and did a little research. These are “conversation à Nice”. Created by a spanish artist these seven characters represent seven continents and the communication between the different communities of today’s society. I was fascinated by these and really did not know what they were! there are some arguing opinions to whether people like them or not, personally I thought they were amazing. Especially at night where they glow a differing colour. Very cool.

Yet more marvelous French public transport.

If you’re reading this and you’re from England you will understand my analogy, if not im sorry. Paul’s are absolutely fantastic and are basically the Greggs of France. Obviously Paul’s are more superior but you get my jist. They are everywhere in France and you can guarantee perfectly baked food from there. HIGHLY recommended.

As we came closer to our destination we later found out that it was currently being renovated and that we could not go in. From what we saw it seemed like it would be amazing. So if you find yourself in Nice, go. Then tell me how it is.


Afer this very tiring walk we found ourselves walking back to the beach for a lie down! On the way we saw some amazing cars.

Ferrari 599
Ferrari 599

Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

Lovely ohlins setup (for the car guys)
Lovely Ohlins setup peeking through (for the car guys)


Ferrari 458 Speciale
Ferrari 458 Speciale

We eventually got to the beach and due to how perfect the sky and sea was I got my none photographer brother to try to take an epic photo of me for my blog background. I know you have all probably seen it and this is the best he could do! Looks half decent to me!

Excuse the wig
After our relaxing hour or so we went back to our hotel and due to being so busy we did not get change. We just freshened up a little and headed to a restaurant I read about online in The Guardian.

On the way to the restaurant I took this photo of a woman who was leant over her window. It must be strange to live in a maze of tight streets inaccessible to cars, but this is how people seem to live in Nice. I could not quite grasp the concept of this idea as i am to reliant on my car at home.


We arrived at our restaurant and had one of the most amazing meals of my life.

Cold meat selection
Cold meat selection

Fillet steak (unbelievably good)
Fillet steak (unbelievably good)

Im a big chocolate lover and chocolate moose is my favorite!
I’m a big chocolate lover and chocolate moose is my favorite!
We ate outside in this restaurant because it was fully booked inside all night and I am so happy that it was fully booked up. We met an incredible stereotypical french man named Gui. Gui was sat outside this restaurant with a glass of wine and a cigarette. Gui was a 62 year old man who was originally from North Africa, he then moved to Paris when he was 10. He met a woman there got married and had 2 children. They divorced and he now lives in the old town of Nice. He spoke French, English and Italian and would speak to nearly anyone who walked past, luckily enough he came over to us and we had an in length conversation. His voice, laugh and character was extremely stereotypically French and was amazing. The reason he has influenced me so much is because this whole road trip has been surrounded by money and wealth. It was incredible to find someone who has so little who was so high on life. He was happy in every aspect of his life even though he had very little in his. This proved to me that money can influence your happiness but, you do not need money to be happy. His character will always be replayed in my head and I honestly aspire to be as happy as him. I believe that everything happens for a reason.


After this life experience we went back to the room. Taking a few photos on the way home. A perfect end to an amazing holiday.




That was it for the Nice part of our road trip, although this was the end of the road trip I will be blogging about the day trip we went on.


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