Monaco Tourism May 2015

I very recently went on a road trip in the south of France, Marseille to Nice. This part of the road trip is in Monaco. (The day trip I told you about in the Nice blog post). This is most definitely the last post on my south of France road trip. Well I think….
Anyways we booked our train tickets the day before and got on the train which was $15 per person there and back. We got on the train and were of to go and see the practice day at the Monaco GP. Being big car guys we were super excited, but with it being our very first F1 event (strangely) we were quite intrigued and did not really know what to expect.

We arrived in Monaco to a city which was just fully fenced off! There were walk ways to where you had to be and because of that we went to the ticket office to pick up our pre paid tickets.



After we got these we headed off to our seats! On the way we saw a Ferrari service centre which I can honestly say would be my idea of a perfect job. Oh my.


I loved the way in which the Enzo’s battery was being charged most probably due to not being used all year round yet it was being charged 3 days before race day. Probably to show off. Who in the right mind would not show off tho?

We carried on plodding along and saw some stewards which I found pretty cool. They wore these amazing caps which you couldn’t get anywhere!


We got to the stand and decided to try out some seats half way up, we knew that we could always move closer if we didn’t like it.

IMG_2728 IMG_2729


I loved this sign on one of the yachts, true British fans.


Whilst we waited for any action we just sat there talking pretty curious as to what a GP was like and also praying it didn’t rain (I really wasn’t dressed for rainy weather). Also bad idea wearing black jeans when you’re eating pastries for breakfast!


Anyways some action began in the form of a brand new C63 AMG which sounded insane! I can safely say the new twin turbo motor didn’t disappoint my ears.



After the C63 safety car had done a bit the new AMG GT safety car came out, same engine as the C63 and sounded and looked equally amazing! We were giddy already.



They then decided that racing each other would be fun, bearing in mind they are going flat out it was pretty insane.



They put on a good show and we were already pretty excited! The pits and straight where behind us and we could hear the cars starting up and wow they were loud. It was the F1 cars. I can safely say I have never heard a sound quite like it. Honestly was mesmerised by those turbo motors, the sound was indescribable and amazing loud.





After the first practice session was over we decided yes, yes we should move to the front. We were so giddy so we got right next to the fence.

Even the doctors and recovery men look cool in Monaco.



Next up was the GP2 cars, these still run the naturally aspirated V8 engines and have that stereotypical Formula 1 sound that the new cars do not have and wow, these sounded incredible.

IMG_2885 IMG_2920 IMG_2925

After GP2 it was back to the F1. I had started to rain and luckily we had bought some rain macs, but I was freezing! Also because of the rain I wasnt expecting to see any quick or risky racing due to it only being practice, was still brilliant never the less.

IMG_2941 IMG_2944 IMG_2971 IMG_2981 IMG_2985 IMG_2995

It was just a crazy day, after this it was the Porsche Cup race. I have never seen so much driver talent than those Porsche guys. Was a whole new level of balls. Unfortunately I had to save some battery charge. Overall we saw so much racing for not so much money and it was one of the best days of my life!!!!!

We then decided to explore Monaco which we realised was nearly impossible as the whole city was shut down for the F1, so we didn’t get to se much at all as everything had barriers around it or security. If you want to see Monaco I recommend not to go during the F1.

We got pretty short tempered with the amount of diversions we had to take and how horrible it was to navigate the city due to the F1, so we didn’t stay long. We went to the casino then headed off home.

IMG_3001 IMG_2999 IMG_3000

That was it for the Day trip to Monaco, this is now the end of our south of France adventure I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experiences. 


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