When quiet time is needed

When quiet time is needed I normally grab my camera and head out to somewhere peaceful for some self-reflection. I haven’t needed some “Zak time” in a while due to so many positive things currently going on in my life. This is a good thing and I would rather it be that way, although when I do need some time on my own it produces some of my best work. I think night-time photography is an escape for me because when you’re setting off your camera for a long exposure, there is a lot of time between you pressing the shutter and the photo being ready. When you’re alone and there is no sound for miles this time sparks off thoughts that you may have needed to hear, thus making your bad mind into one which is at peace. IMG_2318-2 By now I know where im heading, I have a spot in my head I want to capture. And a message I want to tell myself. This next photo is probably my most favourite photo. IMG_2325-2 This Bridge has a deep message. Although it is stunning many people use this bridge for suicide, a problem I believe needs to be eradicated completely. We all know mental illness is a taboo subject, but with us hearing about more and more cases it is one which needs to be addressed. We need to understand that it is a serious problem and that it really does affect people’s lives. Photo 01-04-2015 06 37 11 pm IMG_1928-2 I think this was the wake up call I needed. Instead of being negative and having a bad mind about the most ridiculous little things in life, I thought of the bigger picture. All those millions if not billions of people who are in a much worse situation than I am. This was the self-reflection I needed because I have everything in life! Too many of us are negative for no actual reason. Anyways im out!! IMG_2326-2 Instagram – @zakkolakowski


9 thoughts on “When quiet time is needed

      1. I still shoot with my old Canon Rebel. It’s beat to pieces now and much needs an upgrade, but it’s hard to let go. 🙂 What lens did you use for these shots?


      2. If it still works it’s ok! And just the standard 18-55mm lens! My camera is nothing special in any way! I used to have a dslr and have the one I used now for holiday, but in all honesty this one I use is just as cape able as any dslr so I got rid of my big one and I only use my travel camera now!

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      3. You said it! 🙂 I’ve always believed photography is less about having the right equipment and more about having the eyes and the soul to see. 🙂 Which is what I like about your images here!


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