The Universe Is With You

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I was flicking through some photo albums deep within my laptop the other day. Whilst doing this I came across some photos which didn’t really mean much to me at the time they were taken, but I feel like I have matured enormously recently with the help of many individuals which are in my life / have been in my life. This made me think deeper into the meanings of these photos. I never knew that they would mean something to me but, they do now.

Without indulging too much within my personal life, I shall keep this vague so you can interpret this in your own way. Some people say I have my head in the clouds, some say more than the clouds… Stars?…. Universe? I had a friend who was deeply spiritual and believed that the universe was telling her things. I thought this was strange and it was only untill I got home and started reading deeper into the way the universe works. Spirituality and the way the zodiac works. This triggered something internally. I was intrigued and have spent many late nights reading and also thinking about the way the universe has revolved around me and helped me in many ways. I need to thank her for a life changing vision on life, even though she was only in my life for a few weeks. I feel the universe and the zodiac tell me things and help me with my day to day life, thus helping me to be forever happy. I think everyday about happiness and how I can be more happy. There is no negativity in my life and it will stay like this. I feel the universe is well and truly on my side.

IMG_2180-2 IMG_2174-2 IMG_2175-2

I know this was a strange one for me but, I felt the need to write this.


Everything happens for a reason.

The universe is with you.


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