Disused Cellar – B&W project

Out of my close circle of friends I am practically the only one who does not go to University. That is not from my lacking ability… well… some may say that… Let’s just say I excel in different areas.

I hang out at one of my friends house near the city centre of Manchester quite frequently. It is a rather large 3 story house which is actually quite impressive. When I first went round to visit he showed me around. In the back right corner of the corridor there is a door which takes you down in to the cellar, he showed us this basically because it is pretty cool. We talked about the crazy shit we could do in that cellar even though it would probably never happen. Whilst we are down there chatting I realised I was wearing my trusty, old and scruffy Fred Perry Gym bag that contains all my camera gear. So when they went up to the top floor to go to my friend’s room I held back, flicked my camera over into M mode and began messing around. I didn’t spend long down there as it is pretty creepy.

I remember once someone telling me I need to start doing some black and white photography. So I set myself this little project. I have some more plans in this cellar, but as for now here are the photos.









2 thoughts on “Disused Cellar – B&W project

  1. I love these!! (No surprise — you know my heart beats fast for B&W).

    But seriously: they feel a little strange and dreamy, and the monochrome really brings out the subtle details, like those spiderweb strands.

    Happy shooting!!


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