My blog name change

Some of you may be wondering as to why the name of my blog has changed. Well, I have been waiting for the perfect name to spring in to my brain. Thus being the reason for it just being my name, Untill around one week ago when I had a slight epiffany whilst listening to my favourite artist.

If you do not already know “Time is dancing” is a Ben Howard song from his second album. If you do not know this song or you do know Ben Howard I urge you to listen, he is hands down one of the greatest musical talents and each one of his songs are beautiful and meaningful. Anyways the song is about holding in whatever intense or complicated feelings two people may have for each other and just enjoy the brief time they get to spend together. In the title of the song “Time is dancing” the word “time” represents your life and the word “dancing” means fun and happiness. 

So there is the meaning behind my new blog name. Life is about having fun and being happy. 

Untill next time.