Memorable quote

Some people say one of the greatest lines from one of the greatest books. Some say an overused quote on tumblr. Whatever your opinion is on this, I love it. 

One definition of “infinite” is “impossible to measure or calculate”. And this portrays the way in which Charlie feels at that moment in time. And in context, whether you are reading the book or watching the films the feeing this gives you is wonderful. 

Nothing but happy and heartwarming connotations. 

If you have not figured it out already I am talking about the perks of being a wallflower. 

Untill next time.




My blog name change

Some of you may be wondering as to why the name of my blog has changed. Well, I have been waiting for the perfect name to spring in to my brain. Thus being the reason for it just being my name, Untill around one week ago when I had a slight epiffany whilst listening to my favourite artist.

If you do not already know “Time is dancing” is a Ben Howard song from his second album. If you do not know this song or you do know Ben Howard I urge you to listen, he is hands down one of the greatest musical talents and each one of his songs are beautiful and meaningful. Anyways the song is about holding in whatever intense or complicated feelings two people may have for each other and just enjoy the brief time they get to spend together. In the title of the song “Time is dancing” the word “time” represents your life and the word “dancing” means fun and happiness. 

So there is the meaning behind my new blog name. Life is about having fun and being happy. 

Untill next time.  

Jackson Pollock at the Tate Liverpool

I am going to start this post by apologising for breaking the rule of no photographs. Due to my background it is now an inate response to try and take a photograph whenever the opportunity arises, therefore I took one photograph from my iPhone. Hey ho.

This exhibition was stunning. I actually did not know what to expect from it, as my brief encounter with Jackson Pollock through some reasearch online did not reveal any kind of amazement. My first impression could not be more incorrect, I loved this exhibition. Each piece of artwork has its own story and me and my very close friend stood in awe of almost each piece. It is amazing how much of Pollocks life experiences are potrayed within his work. 


I am very grateful that my friend invited me on a day trip to go and see the exhibition and I would highly reccomend you to go and see it aswell. Although you only have 8 days left as it is only on show till the 18th of October.

Read more about the exhibition on:

The Famous Illuminations 

A few weeks ago I found myself in Blackpool, with my camera. Like a lone nomad I walked through the town alone, camera and tripod stuffed in my scruffy old Fred Perry gym bag at the ready. It was a warm night and the sky was clear. Couldn’t be a more perfect night for a little shoot.

First off I headed to the beach because I thought that would provide me with a great view. Which it did. I got two great photos from there. My only criticism to myself would be that I should have help the shutter open for a while longer to help emphasise the stars. Maybe next time. Anyways here they are.

 I always like to do a ghostly shot of myself wherever I go because I think they look rather cool! So here is me on the beach.  I then went to go and shoot what I feel is my ultimate strong point. Light trails. I have dialed in on this form of long exposure and this was a great one! Many people think that this is an easy form of long exposure but, there is much more to it than shoving your camera into bulb mode and waiting for a car or in this case a tram to drive past. Maybe in another blog I will discuss my thought process and techniques.

Anyways, here is the photo. 

My top tip is to not be afraid walking around with your camera out. If you’re into photography embrace it. Don’t hide to fit in.
Till next time.

Home Of The Greatest Contributor


In August I visited the home of the greatest contributor to the English Language the world has ever seen.

This man:

Coined approximately 1,500 words;

Helped contribute to the standardisation of the English language (standardization for the Americans although we are talking about the English language here);

Ended up embedding many of his own words and phrases into the English language;

Made the English language more vibrant and expressive.

In my opinion one of the most important people in history. Imagine the English language without him.

Who am I talking about?